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How a New Kind of Row Cover Gives Your
Vegetable Garden a Natural Advantage for
Reasons that All Gardeners
Will Understand.

As a gardener you will be familiar with ordinary spun bonded row cover and it has served gardeners and farmers well,  but it has a short life.

Now there is an alternative long lasting polyethylene GrowCover fabric that provides a wonderful growing environment for your plants and vegetables.

GrowCover fabric create a micro-climate which is naturally ventilated (no heat build up, mold, and related problems) plus it retains moisture and soil heat.



fresh garden produce

Plants just love it and you will enjoy fresh tasty home grown vegetables that delight your family and are the envy of your friends.

Add to these advantages excellent insect pest control, a shade factor of only 16%, shielding from high winds, heavy rain and hail, add frost protection down to 25oF and you will understand why GrowCover really is a leap forward in row cover design. 

No longer will you be at the mercy of every climate extreme that Mother Nature can throw at you. Whether you use it as floating row cover or as cover for a hoop house your GrowCover will perform flawlessly.

Handling it on hoop houses is a breeze. Want to lift your fabric to weed or harvest?  Just unclip it push it up the hoop and hold it place with the clip until you have finished, then let it fall again and replace the clip at the bottom

Rain will pass through GrowCover and you can also water through it with a hose.Trickle or drip irrigation is recommended as it conserves water and puts water just where the plants need it near their roots.  (When GrowCover is brand new there is some water repellent action but this soon disappears).

hoop house
seedlings getting a good start No longer will you have to worry about accidental tears and rips with normal handling.  GrowCover is tough and you can clip, clamp or stake it without worrying about accidentally ripping the fabric.  It is knitted not bonded with resistance to tears. It can easily be cut to size with scissors and does not fray when cut. If it does snag  on sharp objects it is easily repaired with a needle and thread.
fruit protection

You don't need to treat your row cover with kid gloves as you do for spun bonded material in the hope that it will, with luck, last two seasons.  Indeed commercial growers don’t even bother.  They just rip it up and trash it and buy new for the next year.

GrowCover will last, performing well, for many years.  The manufacturer claims 8 years and we at VeggieCare bought our first piece of GrowCover for our own garden 5 years ago. It is still in use and performing well. For all gardeners this represents not only actual cash savings but also a better use of scarce resources and a reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

If you are a commercial grower you can do the math on the back of an envelope and immediately see that GrowCover will repay your investment year after year.

You can choose GrowCover from three standard widths:
6' 6" (2m)
9'9" (3m)
13' (4m)
and is available in packs from 20' to 50' in length
or you can have it custom cut
if you need longer lengths
(GrowCover is manufactured in Italy
to metric specifications so
feet and inch sizes are approximate)

To get going with GrowCover
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We guarantee you will be glad you did.

crop cover fabric

If you need help with sizes we have made some suggestions on the
best size of GrowCover
for your garden beds.

But why does GrowCover work so well?

Every gardener knows that vegetables grow better when damage from insects and bad weather is minimised. Frequently nature isn't too helpful that way.  It is too hot, or too dry, or too windy or too cold.  So plants have to struggle and contend with insect pests as well.

But GrowCover smoothes out all these problems because it creates a gentle  micro-climate. It helps to retain moisture in the soil without causing excessive heat build up or condensation because it allows good air circulation. It protects from strong winds and if the weather is cool or cold it helps retain warmth in the soil so you can plant out earlier. It even protects against frost down to about 25 oF (-4 oC).

So it is hardly surprising that your vegetables grow so well!

Unconditional Guarantee

Guarantee If you are not happy with GrowCover for any reason, just return it to us within 6 months and your money will be refunded in full.

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Light weight and tough, GrowCover Fabric will last many years,
does not fray or unravel when cut

fruit protection

.hoop house

Hoop house with GrowCover on 25mm poly pipe frame secured with Jumbo Clips

Inside hoop house