Clips and Clamps
After much searching we have found a range of clips and clamps to fix row cover fabric, plastic or bird net onto cloches or hoop house frames and stakes
of various sizes. Here they are ...

IMPORTANT NOTE when ordering clamps and clips:
The clips and clamps sizes indicate the external diameter of supports that they can be used with.
The only sure way to choose the correct clip or clamp size is to measure the
external diameter of the pipe, stake or frame you plan to use.
Manufacturers sizes may refer to the internal or external diameter so don't rely on this.

jumbo clip 19mm clamp 16mm clamp clamp 11mm clip
jumbo clip
Jumbo clip - fits 1" to 1½" external diameter pipe or frame
19mm clamp
19mm clamp

3/4" clamp - fits 3/4 "external diameter poly pipe
(Note the locking tongue to hold it securely in place)

16mm clamp

16mm clamp

5/8" clamp -fits 5/8" external diameter stake (with locking tongue)



1/2" clip
fits 1/2" external diameter pipe


11 mm clip
11mm clip


1/4" clip - fits 1/4" garden stake

butterfly clip

Butterfly clip

Available from most hardware stores

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