The Cook's Garden

Growing organic vegetables has been a great deal of fun and very satisfying - not to mention putting really fresh food on the table for a couple of lively pensioners. But using GrowCover has made it a whole lot more satisfying.

I'm learning to be more patient and more observant. I now notice the changes in seasons and the variations between years. I watch my water use carefully  and feel very priviledged to have this time to grow with my garden.

Our open salad sandwich lunches with home made bread are pure delight.

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GrowCover hoop house

My vegetable garden was developed from bush land in the lower south west of Western Australia. We have a 'mediterranean' climate. Work on the garden was started in January 2004.

To improve the acid sandy soil I added sea weed, manures, paper, mushroom compost, garden compost, sawdust, garden mulch, rock dust, blood and bone and dolomite at various times. I think gardening for me is as much art as science so I keep experimenting as well as trusting my gut feelings. I've made mistakes and learnt heaps.

After four years using crop rotation and growing a mix of herbs and vegetables together, the garden has become very productive without using any pesticides or herbicides. The icing on the cake was the discovery of GrowCover fabric that I use for row covers to protect my plants from pests and harsh weather, and I haven't looked back since. It's great stuff, any veggie gardener or organic grower should give it a try.

In case you are wondering, all the photos used in the Growcover we site were taken in my own garden.

The local birds, lizards and frogs enjoy it too. We even discovered a long necked turtle one day! I think she was looking for a safe place to lay her eggs.

Go and have a look at my garden and vegetables photos.

Grow houses keep our plants healthy and productive

grow house

grow house

grow house


The VeggieCare Plant Health Spa !

A varied and seasonal diet of compost, mulch, blood and bone, dolomite, sea weed, wood ash, rock dust and lime is on the menu.

Drip irrigation delivers regular pure rain water.

The beds all have companion herbs and a canopy of soft GrowCover.

Plants love this light, protected, well ventilated living space. Tall plants catered for!

Irritating insects are excluded and the healthy micro climate is perfect for edible plants

Artificial fertilisers and insecticides are banned from this veggie health spa!


GrowCover exclusion fabric

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